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!!!!Alan’s personal cell phone number for those who have also had difficulty with receiving all your items: (770)268-****!!!!

Booking with this company has been the worst mistake of my life! When delivering our items, the driver called the night before and told me he would be at my house at 10:00 AM.

He did not show up until 1:00 PM because he couldn’t get his GPS to work. The first words out of the drivers mouth are not even appropriate to post on here due to the language he used. While parking, he ran over my water well and cracked the tiling. He blamed me for not telling him it was there and became so rude and unprofessional.

They proceeded to unload my items and come to find out they brought everything EXCEPT my 65” TV that was packaged in the original box!!! My husband called Alan, who was also very unprofessional and didn’t seem to care that they had forgotten to deliver probably the most expensive item from our move. He told my husband he would have it delivered and it would get here when it got here and started a started a screaming match. Finally when the drivers left, the got stuck in our front yard and we had to call a tower to come get them out.

Imagine what my front yard looked like! After making several phone calls to Alan, he said he would have our TV delivered the very next week. Another driver contacted us a couple days later to arrange a drop off time. We were ready to receive our TV, but they had sent the wrong one (much smaller and not in the original box)!!!

My husband found the president of the company’s contact information and called him to have him tell us they couldn’t locate our TV and that we would have to file a claim. Save yourself the trouble and never use this company!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Relocation Moving Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

American Home Relocation Cons: Stole our belongings, Customer service, Fradulant.

Location: Boone, North Carolina

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I have the Chicago address Contact me state.ohiopolice at yahoo com


I have the address at the Chicago warehouse. I went there and staked them out for a week until I got on their nerves so bad, they gave me all our belongings and 100% refund.

News crews, Chicago PD etc... state,ohiopolice at yahoo

@Caeden Ljc

state.police at yahoo

@Caeden Ljc

state.ohiopolice at yahoo com


Eli Hasut, Elad Hazut, Eli Hasut Moran, Moran Haust - These are his real names.


I have the address at Chicago warehouse.


Allen's real name is Moran. His last name is Hasut. He lives in Georgia.


Do you know the address for the warehouse in Chicago


If you could send me his person info too I'd appreciate it! Haven't been able to get my belongings back!


Hello they have been holding our stuff hostage for 8 months and we have paid thousands in lawyer fees and filed with the government and they still refuse to return our stuff. They said it is in a warehouse in Chicago but we done know where.

We want to have to e sherif show up There to get our stuff since we have a court award.

Can you send me the address? Kryfam at hot mail dot com


They filter those things out spell out your email and I will send it to you- my attorneys found the info when we served him


Please send me this persons contact info , thanks! Having issues getting our property back.

@Jason A

Hope you get your stuff back, we went through total *** with these people!!!!!


Is there any way you can send me this guys personal cell and email? Has anyone had a successful lawsuit against this company?

This cite censors those things. Josh_Paynter@***.com

@Haeli Qyl

Please try to contact me Diane Clement Chattanooga TN. Dbclement@***.net

@Haeli Qyl

Same - dealing with what seems to be the same company/person. American Home Relocation.

Only 1/2 of our items were delivered.

Still waiting to hear the status of the rest. Does anyone have any contact info or warehouse locations for Atlanta?

@Dary Hnn

We told them we would just come get our stuff ourselves, then they gave us the address, but ours was in Chicago. We stalked them for a week at the warehouse before they would let us have it.

Had to call police. It was the worse experience we have ever been through.


Thanks! We just can’t locate the warehouse here in Atlanta.

We know there potentially are 3. No one is getting back with us. If anyone has any idea, please let me know. Were the police able to help out?

Wasn’t sure if I should file a report. Thank you!

@Dary Hnn

Could you share the personal number with me if you have? So frustrated our items have been held hostage for weeks now shellie5225@***.com Email company is the one google uses

@Dary Hnn

I'm going to write this weird to see if I can get this past the censor bots. His real name is Moran.

His last name is Hasut. I believe that I found the Georgia based warehouse. It is 1800. The street is Montreal Ct.

It is unit #B.

It is in Tucker and the state is GA. I hope this helps.

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